Names And Qualifications Of Mechanics Must Be Displayed At Workshops

In order to provide customers with the necessary information to choose workshops with competent mechanics, workshop owners are now required to post a list of the names of mechanics and their credentials or qualifications.

The requirement was one of several reforms included in the Consumer Protection (Workshops Information Disclosure) (Amendment) Regulations 2022, which went into force countrywide on July 1. Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Salahuddin Ayub noted that the regulation was one of numerous changes.

By doing this, workshop owners would be encouraged to either recruit competent mechanics or assist their current mechanics in obtaining the necessary credentials.

In addition to that, to ensure that customers are aware of the type of spare components being used to repair or modify their vehicle, operators must explicitly declare whether they are new, used, or reconditioned.

The implementation of the amendment, which was gazetted on June 22, 2022, following a number of meetings with industry participants, had been delayed from July 1, 2022, to July 1, 2023, to give those who would be impacted time to prepare.

The Consumer Protection Act of 1999 (Act 599) provides for action to be taken for any violations of the rules.

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