Brabus 850: Elegance Meets 838 Horsepower!

Whenever Brabus unveils a new creation, it’s like the automotive Gods saying “Here, something to brighten up your day,” and indeed, it looks and feels like something forged on the mountains of heaven.

Even the words that Brabus use emphasise this feeling. “This rolling symphony of avant-garde is its very own class of excellence, where unbound sophistication and confident strength come together in a breathtaking statement of individuality”.

Speaking of elegance, this new creation is based on the Mercedes-Maybach S680. Brabus started by modifying the V12 engine in the Mercedes-Maybach S680, which already boasts a formidable 621hp, to create 838hp and 1,100Nm of torque, making it the most potent S-Class in the world.

Due to a thorough reworking of the powertrain, this vehicle has even more power than the new Mercedes-AMG S63 E Performance with its 791hp twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8. The displacement has increased from 6.0 to 6.3 litres, and Brabus has added new turbochargers, forged internals, and larger air intakes to keep everything running at the right temperature.

All of this power is sent to the Brabus 850’s four wheels via a nine-speed automatic gearbox, and a new high-performance exhaust system is included to make sure the driver and onlookers are aware of this enormous powertrain.

It has a top speed cap of 250 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds. Drivers must trust the standard Mercedes S-Class braking system despite the additional power, even though the airflow to the brakes appears to have increased.

A pair of 22-inch forged wheels, a carbon package with either a high-gloss or matte finish, as well as a new front lip spoiler and rear diffuser, complete the design of the Brabus 850. According to Brabus, the air suspension has been modified to sit 20mm lower “without compromising any of its outstanding ride comfort”.

The inside maintains the carbon motif with carbon fibre trim on the door cards, pedals, dashboard centre console, and steering wheel. Customers may choose from a variety of interior hues and materials, and the cabin is adorned with ‘Brabus’ badging as standard.

The Brabus 850 should easily surpass the Mercedes-Maybach S 680, which starts at RM1.2 million in ‘First Class’ trim. We anticipate that the Brabus 850 will cost closer to RM2.3 million at retail.

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