Malaysian Politician Requests To Build MRT from Alor Setar To Langkawi To Boost Tourism

Langkawi’s Member of Parliament (MP), Suhaimi Abdullah, has proposed the idea of constructing a train system akin to the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to facilitate travel from Alor Setar to Kuah in Langkawi. He brought up this matter during a Parliamentary session, aiming to shed light on the challenges faced with ferry frequency in Langkawi.

The envisioned train system could potentially offer an alternative mode of transportation, enhancing connectivity and accessibility within the region.

During the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 2023) held in May, Suhaimi Abdullah pointed out that there were 6 ferry trips in a day to Langkawi. However, presently, the frequency has reduced significantly to only 3 ferry trips per day. This reduction in ferry services has likely impacted the convenience and accessibility for travelers to Langkawi, prompting discussions about alternative transportation options like a train system.

During the discussion about potential train systems for Langkawi, Suhaimi Abdullah mentioned “trains like MRT in KL”. However, the Minister of Transport, Anthony Loke, expressed surprise at these suggestions. It indicates that Suhaimi’s idea of implementing a similar train system in Langkawi akin to the MRT in Kuala Lumpur was unexpected or possibly unconventional within the context of Langkawi.

“Did I hear that right? MRT from Alor Setar to Kuah? You need to go across the sea for that,” he said while holding back his laughter.

Loke clarified that the reduced frequency of ferry services on regular days was primarily due to lower passenger demand during those times. To optimize efficiency and accommodate more passengers, operators utilized larger ferries that could carry a greater number of passengers in one trip. However, Anthony acknowledged that this approach might inconvenience some passengers due to the altered schedules and emphasized the need to balance operational efficiency with passenger convenience.

As of the provided information, the Transport Minister did not elaborate further on the possibility of building an MRT system for Langkawi in response to Suhaimi Abdullah’s suggestion.

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