Volvo To Part Ways With Diesel Production In Early 2024

Volvo Cars has announced its plan to cease the production of remaining diesel models by early 2024, marking a significant step towards transitioning into an all-electric car manufacturer. The move aligns with Volvo’s commitment to achieving a fully electric lineup by 2030.

This decision positions Volvo as one of the pioneering traditional automakers to make this shift. Diesel-powered Volvo cars will cease production in a few months, signifying a decisive move toward electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

2023 Volvo EX90 EV

While diesel cars constituted a significant portion of Volvo’s sales in Europe up to 2019, accounting for the majority, their prevalence sharply declined, making up only 8.9% of sales for Volvo in 2022. As of August, 33% of Volvo’s sales comprised fully electric or hybrid models. The company did not specify the breakdown of the remaining 67% in terms of combustion-engine models.

The declining popularity of diesel models in Europe began notably after the Volkswagen emission-cheating scandal, leading to a rapid reduction in diesel offerings by various automakers. Diesel vehicle sales in Europe, which once represented over 50% of new car sales in 2015, have dwindled to just over 14% as of July, indicating a significant shift towards electrification and alternative powertrains.

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