Mitsubishi Teases Electric Crossover For Japan Mobility Show

In a bid to push the boundaries of electrification and adventure, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is gearing up to showcase a triumvirate of groundbreaking innovations at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. This display includes an electrified crossover MPV concept, a novel last-mile mobility solution, and the highly anticipated all-new Triton pickup truck.

Electrified Crossover MPV Concept

The electrified crossover MPV concept is a fusion of the best features from SUVs and MPVs, aiming to drive towards a carbon-neutral society. Embracing the theme of “Borderless Adventure,” this concept promises an expansive cabin that exudes openness and offers an exhilarating driving experience. Drivers can seamlessly switch between driving modes, ensuring there are no limits to their adventures.

Boasting high ground clearance and an advanced electric four-wheel drive system, this concept vehicle offers a reliable and enjoyable driving experience across diverse weather and road conditions. Equipped with large-diameter tires, it ensures a secure grip on varying terrains, instilling confidence in drivers to explore uncharted territories.

Last 1 Mile Mobility

In collaboration with LIFEHUB Inc., Mitsubishi introduces the Last 1 Mile Mobility, a compact and innovative mobility vehicle. This buggy-type mobility system, powered by repurposed batteries from electrified vehicles, is designed to enhance the journey even after reaching the main destination. It’s a testament to Mitsubishi’s commitment to sustainable and convenient mobility solutions.

All-New Triton Pickup Truck

Under the product concept of “Power for Adventure,” Mitsubishi unveils the all-new Triton, a one-ton pickup truck that has undergone a comprehensive redesign, encompassing its interior, exterior, frame, chassis, body, and engine. Scheduled for launch in Japan early next year, this marks Triton’s reentry into the Japanese market after about 12 years.

Highlighted features of the all-new Triton include a newly developed ladder frame, emphasizing durability and reliability, and a new 2.4L clean diesel turbo engine that strikes a balance between power output and environmental considerations. The vehicle offers enhanced ride comfort and steering stability through its newly developed suspension and superior road performance through Super Select 4WD-II and upgraded drive modes.

Externally, the all-new Triton sports a commanding front-end design and a wide, robust profile, giving it an imposing presence. Inside, it seamlessly blends class with functionality and user-friendliness. With improvements in collision safety, driver assist features, and overall comfort, the all-new Triton is suitable for a wide range of applications, from business to personal use.

Mitsubishi Motors is showcasing a future that embodies sustainability, adventure, and versatility at the Japan Mobility Show 2023.

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