BMW’s New X2 M35i Takes On Rally Competition Off-Road Style

In a surprising turn of events, the freshly introduced BMW X2 M35i has taken on a new role at the Rebelle Rally, showcasing its adaptability beyond the typical road-focused coupe-crossover persona. The brand chose the high-performance M35i variant as the base for this rally-ready transformation, leveraging its turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, which pumps out an impressive 312hp and 400Nm of torque.

The key modification involves fitting Rotiform ZMO-M wheels wrapped in Falken Wildpeak All-Terrain tires, immediately enhancing its off-road capabilities. A spare tire carrier is installed in the trunk to ensure preparedness for unforeseen circumstances and added peace of mind during the rally.

Underneath, the X2 M35i received custom skid plates and underbody protection, bolstering its resilience against rough terrains and rocky paths. A Thule Caprock roof rack was added to accommodate extra equipment, supplemented by Morimoto LED lights for enhanced visibility during the night.

For any recovery needs during the rally, the X2 M35i is now equipped with off-road recovery gear sourced from Smittybilt, ensuring it’s prepared for any unexpected situations. Additionally, an external odometer by TerraTrip and tow straps from BMW M Performance Parts contribute to the rally car aesthetics.

Taking part in the demanding X-Cross Class of the Rebelle Rally, the BMW X2 M35i will be expertly handled by driver Rebecca Donaghe and navigator Sedona Blinson. This marks BMW’s inaugural participation in the renowned event, aiming to showcase the X2’s endurance and durability over challenging terrains, despite being a vehicle primarily tailored for on-road usage.

The Rebelle Rally is a gruelling off-road competition spanning over 8 days, covering a formidable journey of more than 2092km across the harsh desert terrains of California and Nevada. Starting from Mammoth Mountain Resort in California on October 12, the rally is set to culminate on October 21 near the Mexican border at the Imperial Dunes, testing the mettle of all participants in this challenging event.

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