All-Electric Mini Cooper SE Revealed With A Go-Kart Feel

In 1959, Mini introduced a revolutionary concept of compact dimensions delivering ample interior space, igniting a legacy of individual mobility. Over the years, the brand has steadfastly pursued the fusion of driving pleasure with a minimal footprint. Now, the all-new Mini Cooper SE ushers in a new era, embracing innovative technology while staying true to the quintessential Mini DNA. This fifth-generation three-door model brings forth a plethora of digital experiences within the interior, alongside modern assistance systems, defining the future of mobility.

Electric Driving Dynamism with an Enhanced Go-Kart Feel

Packing 218hp and a peak torque of 330Nm, the Mini SE accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in a brisk 6.7 seconds. Fuelled by a high-voltage battery boasting 54.2 kWh energy content and positioned in the vehicle floor, it achieves an impressive range of 402km in the WLTP test cycle. The driving dynamics are further enriched by a slightly increased track width and a wider wheelbase, ensuring an exhilarating go-kart-like feel.

Efficiency Meets Convenience with Fast Charging

A notable feature is the swift direct current fast charging, delivering up to 95kW. Merely 30 minutes of charging can propel the battery from 10 per cent to 80 per cent. Optimising the charging process is a breeze, offering ease of control through intuitive settings accessible via the Mini App.

Expressive Illumination with Mini LED Headlights

The face of the Mini Cooper SE is defined by iconic round headlights and an octagonal front grille. The LED headlights, with optional light signatures, imbue the vehicle with an expressive character. The light signatures, featuring captivating welcome and goodbye animations, amplify the individuality of the SE.

Effortless Elegance in Compact Proportions

Typical Mini proportions, marked by short overhangs, a short bonnet, and a contrasting long wheelbase, characterise the compact silhouette of the Mini Cooper SE. The design seamlessly marries classic Mini elements with a contemporary aesthetic, setting the vehicle apart in any urban landscape. Enhanced aerodynamics, achieving a cW value of 0.28, contribute to efficiency without compromising style.

Immersive User Experience in a Minimalist Interior

Inside, the minimalist interior of the Mini Cooper SE captivates with digital, immersive, and inviting elements. A reduction in components cleverly designed and implemented elevates the classic Mini design to the present. A curved dashboard made of textile surfaces, a round OLED display, and the characteristic toggle switch bar define the purist interior. The central OLED display, a nexus of experience and convenience, offers enhanced proximity for easy operation.

Customisation Unleashed with Mini Experience Modes

The Mini Experience Modes introduce a new level of expressiveness, granting the interior a unique charm. Each mode features bespoke backgrounds, exuding a lively and high-quality ambiance with minimal distraction. The Mini Projector enhances the immersive experience by projecting atmospheric colour patterns matching the selected Experience Mode onto the dashboard and door panels.

Modern Driving Meets Advanced Assistance

Equipped with state-of-the-art driver assistance systems, the Mini Cooper SE ensures a seamless driving experience. The Mini Parking Assistant Plus, equipped with 12 ultrasonic sensors and four surround cameras, simplifies parking and offers unique solutions in this vehicle segment. The Explore Mode enables external control and parking via smartphone, a convenient feature in tight parking spots. With Remote 360, safety is enhanced by allowing a view of the surroundings around the parked vehicle via the Mini App.

Innovative Key Features for Enhanced Convenience

The innovative Mini Digital Key Plus transforms smartphones into digital keys, streamlining car-sharing experiences. It allows for storing personalised vehicle settings, ensuring a tailor-made driving encounter for each individual. The advanced technology and personalised settings reflect Mini’s commitment to maximising user convenience.

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