Ferrari Reveals 296 Challenge Ahead of Finali Mondiali

Ferrari has unveiled the 296 Challenge on the eve of the highly anticipated Finali Mondiali event, scheduled to take place at the Mugello Circuit from October 24th to 30th. This marks the ninth model in the prestigious history of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli.

Set to make its debut in the 2024 season of the Europe and North America series, the 296 Challenge introduces a host of groundbreaking features, setting it apart from its predecessor, the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo. In many aspects, this new model represents a revolutionary design.

The 296 Challenge embodies an innovative philosophy that involves extensive modifications to the road car, tailoring it for optimal track performance. From performance to race-long consistency, this remarkable vehicle redefines the standards of Ferrari’s single-make racing series, closely mirroring the specifications of the 296 GT3, which made its debut this season.

Derived from the 296 GTB, the 296 Challenge showcases substantial enhancements in the power unit, aerodynamics, and vehicle dynamics, all designed to deliver peak performance on the track. Notably, it’s the first car in the championship’s history to feature a 120-degree V6 engine. This model is equipped with the 2992cc twin-turbo engine, excluding the hybrid component, a decision also reflected in the 296 GT3. The engine delivers a remarkable 690hp and a maximum torque of 740Nm, setting a new power record for the segment.

The 296 Challenge boasts an aero package that shatters downforce records within the single-make series. This ensures optimal efficiency under all conditions, producing over 870kg of downforce at 250km/h when the spoiler is set at its maximum angle of attack.

A standout feature in this model is the introduction of ABS EVO Track, a specialised adaptation of the innovative system initially introduced in the 296 GTB. Combined with new CCM-R PLUS brake discs, this enhances both braking performance and consistency. Additionally, the vehicle’s handling and performance benefit significantly from specially developed Pirelli 19″ tyres.

Ferrari’s unveiling of the 296 Challenge marks a significant milestone in the evolution of their Challenge Trofeo Pirelli series, setting the stage for an exhilarating 2024 season and beyond. The Mugello Circuit during the Finali Mondiali is the ideal platform to witness the debut of this groundbreaking racing machine.

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