Subaru’s Vision for Future Mobility Shown at Japan Mobility Show

Subaru Corporation is making its presence felt at the prestigious Japan Mobility Show 2023, which kicked off on October 25 and will run until November 5. Subaru’s booth at the event is not just about showcasing their existing vehicles but also about presenting a vision for the future of mobility, where “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” are paramount.

At the show, Subaru unveiled two innovative concept models: the Subaru Air Mobility Concept and the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept. These concepts serve as visual representations of Subaru’s vision for a new era of mobility.

The Subaru Air Mobility Concept: Ushering in the “Air Mobility Revolution”

As electric and automated technologies advance in the world of aviation, Subaru envisions an “air mobility revolution.” The Subaru Air Mobility Concept embodies this future of enhanced freedom in mobility. Engineers from both the aerospace and automotive divisions are collaborating on flight demonstrations, underlining Subaru’s commitment to exploring new frontiers in transportation.

The Subaru Sport Mobility Concept: Electric Performance and Enjoyment

The Subaru Sport Mobility Concept is an alluring glimpse into the electrified future of Subaru. This battery-electric vehicle (BEV) concept is designed to cater to drivers who cherish the joy of going anywhere, anytime, and taking control of their driving experiences. It emphasises driver-centric control over all four wheels, while also offering a low seating position for excellent visibility and perceptibility. The design of this concept is focused on a clean and three-dimensional aesthetic that delivers a sense of protection and airflow.

New Models Joining Subaru’s Lineup

The show also introduced several newly debuted models in Japan:

Levorg Layback Limited EX: This vehicle combines the best aspects of advanced safety, sportiness, and value, seamlessly blending wagon and SUV flexibility. It’s designed for the Japanese market as a distinctive addition to Subaru’s extensive SUV lineup.

Levorg Layback Limited EX Genuine Accessory Parts: This version of the Levorg Layback showcases Subaru’s genuine accessories, elevating its style and sophistication with coordinated cladding.

Solterra ET-HS: As Subaru’s first global battery electric vehicle (BEV), the Solterra infuses electric values with Subaru’s trademark “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.” It retains Subaru’s practicality while offering environmental friendliness.

Forester X-EDITION: This special edition of the Forester is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It combines the ruggedness of an SUV with user-friendly comfort, making it ideal for both city driving and outdoor adventures.

Crosstrek Limited: This compact crossover SUV features a rugged design and excellent SUV performance for various driving environments. Subaru has emphasized the unique design of this model while refining its driving dynamics and safety performance.

Subaru’s presence at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 2023 is a testament to its dedication to shaping the future of mobility, focusing on a blend of enjoyment and peace of mind that will cater to customers both now and in the years to come. The brand’s efforts align with its goal to contribute positively to society and expand the circle of empathy and living together, a mission expressed through the “Cherishing Every Life Project” launched in Japan.

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