Ferrari Unveils Limited-Run 499P Modificata Track-Only Supercar

Ferrari has introduced a limited-run, track-only supercar, the 499P Modificata. This high-performance machine is based on the race-winning Ferrari 499 that claimed victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans four months ago, but it offers even more power and features for racers.


The 499P Modificata is powered by the same 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine as the Le Mans-winning race car. Additionally, it features an electric motor at the front axle, providing a combined output of 858hp. A unique feature is that the electric assistance is available from a standstill, unlike the Le Mans car, which activates its electric power beyond 190km/h.

‘Push to Pass’ System

Ferrari has equipped the 499P Modificata with a ‘Push to Pass’ system, which can deliver an extra 161hp at the push of a button, providing a burst of power for overtaking and acceleration.

High-Performance Rubber

The car comes standard with bespoke Pirelli tyres, measuring 310/70-18 at the front and 340/70-18 at the rear. These tyres feature a structure and tread compound derived from Formula 1 technology. Additionally, a custom rain tyre has been developed specifically for the 499P Modificata.

Lightweight Carbon Fibre Construction

The car’s body is crafted entirely from lightweight carbon fibre, helping to keep the overall weight down and enhance performance. Although Ferrari hasn’t disclosed the downforce figures, it’s expected to provide substantial aerodynamic grip.

Sporty Interior

The interior is virtually identical to the race car’s cabin, ensuring owners receive the same driving experience as Le Mans-winning crews. Ferrari has created the 499P Modificata to be a thrilling track experience for those who value performance and the thrill of racing.

Exclusivity and Track Access

This limited-run Ferrari is available for private purchase, starting at €5.1 million (approximately RM25 million) before taxes. Owners will also enjoy two years of running the car in Ferrari’s Sport Prototipi Clienti program, which provides access to numerous international tracks. Ferrari takes care of logistics, track-side assistance, and maintenance for the car, ensuring a hassle-free track experience.

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