Bugatti and Adidas Unveil Limited-Edition Football Boots

Bugatti and Adidas have joined forces to create a stunning limited edition football boot, the Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti. This exclusive collection comprises only 99 pairs of boots, designed for speed and lightness, and adorned with unique Bugatti design elements.

Drawing inspiration from Bugatti’s legacy and their shared commitment to performance, the X Crazyfast Bugatti boots are constructed around Adidas’s X Crazyfast laced boot, meticulously crafted for speed while following Bugatti’s ‘Form Follows Performance’ design philosophy.

The heart of the X Crazyfast boot is its innovative Speedframe sole plate technology by Adidas, ensuring a lightweight yet rigid structure that enhances rapid acceleration. The Aerocage innovation, engineered to provide optimal support and stability by embracing the mid-foot, and the Aeropacity Speedskin, a breathable monomesh layer, contribute to the boot’s speed and stability. Even the carbon fibre inlay in the boot’s tooling mirrors the carbon fibre used in Bugatti cars.

The semi-transparent mono-mesh material on the mid-foot cage of the X Crazyfast boot has been modified to incorporate a distinctive touch of Bugatti Blue, inspired by the colour of early Bugatti Grand Prix cars. It serves as an instant identifier for ardent Bugatti enthusiasts, symbolising a century of motorsport achievements and unparalleled performance.

The boots proudly display two mottos that encapsulate the values of both brands: “Impossible is Nothing,” representing Adidas’s unwavering pursuit of performance, and “Create the Incomparable,” reflecting Bugatti’s dedication to producing hyper sports cars that consistently set new benchmarks. Ettore Bugatti’s enduring emblem graces the rear three-quarter of the boot, paying tribute to the visionary founder whose legacy continues to inspire the world’s greatest hyper sports cars.

The X Crazyfast Bugatti collection boots are presented in a distinctive box, featuring an exterior design inspired by the carbon fibre weaves, the lightweight and exceptionally strong material predominantly used in the construction of Bugatti hyper sports cars.

To ensure a fair chance for Adidas and Bugatti enthusiasts worldwide to acquire one of the 99 pairs, the boots will be auctioned through the Adidas Collect Web 3 platform. The auction is scheduled to run from November 8th to November 11th, with all winners receiving an exclusive digital shoebox. From November 13th onwards, the digital shoebox can be redeemed via Adidas Collect for the corresponding physical pair of boots and their digital twin. While the auction will primarily utilise cryptocurrency, users can access it directly using traditional currency through MoonPay. This unique collaboration between Bugatti and Adidas offers sports and automotive enthusiasts a chance to own a truly limited and exceptional piece of footwear.

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