BYD Unveils FANGCHENGBAO BAO 5: A Super Hybrid Hardcore SUV

BYD officially launched its latest offering, the BAO 5, under the specialised sub-brand FANGCHENGBAO. Positioned as a “Super Hybrid Hardcore SUV,” the BAO 5 stands out with cutting-edge technology, off-road prowess, and a commitment to energy efficiency.

The BAO 5 introduces the Dual Mode Off-road (DMO) Super Hybrid Platform, a revolutionary predominantly electric-driven, professional-grade off-road system. With an unparalleled combination of power sources, it features the world’s first longitudinal EHS electric hybrid system, an off-road rear-drive powertrain, and a potent longitudinal 1.5T high-performance engine. This configuration delivers an impressive 677hp of power and 760Nm of combined torque, enabling the BAO 5 to accelerate from 0 to 100km in just four seconds.

Designed for off-road enthusiasts, the BAO 5 showcases exceptional off-road capabilities with a millisecond-response electric four-wheel drive system offering 16 driving modes. This allows effortless navigation across diverse terrains, from rugged mountains to swampy landscapes, while maintaining an impressive minimum turning radius of 3.4 meters.

Ensuring robustness and safety, the BAO 5 features a Non-Load-Bearing Frame with Cell To Chassis (CTC) technology, providing a lower center of mass and a balanced 50:50 axle load ratio. The chassis is reinforced with 96% high-strength steel to prioritize user safety. The vehicle incorporates the ultra-safe blade battery and is equipped with an L2+ Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for enhanced safety.

Inside the smart cockpit, the BAO 5 offers a luxurious driving experience with the exclusive FiLink UI, supporting multi-screen interconnection and gesture operation. Users can personalise their experience with various customisation options, including paint colours, interior schemes, wheel hub sizes, and pedal choices. Nappa leather seats and an 18-speaker Devialet audio system further elevate the driving experience.

Leveraging the advantages of the DMO platform, the BAO 5 achieves a Comprehensive Long Trip Capability (CLTC) range of up to 1,200km. This, combined with a 6kW vehicle-to-load (VTL) discharge capability and an optional 2.5-ton trailer hitch, enhances the vehicle’s suitability for extended outdoor activities.

FANGCHENGBAO’s strategic focus on professionalism and individuality is evident with the BAO 5 launch. The brand operates various store types, including sales service centres, MINI centres, and retail centres, catering to diverse consumer needs. The BAO 5 joins FANGCHENGBAO’s product lineup, alongside the previously unveiled BAO 8 and BAO 3 models.

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