Tesla Whistleblower Faces Legal Scrutiny After Data Leak

In a strange turn of events, Lukasz Krupski, once hailed as a hero at Tesla for his courageous actions during a Model 3 fire incident, has found himself at the centre of controversy. Krupski, who saved the day in 2019, suffered a change in fortune after raising safety concerns within the company.

Following the fire incident, Krupski communicated directly with CEO Elon Musk, highlighting safety lapses at Tesla’s Norwegian operation. Despite Musk’s initial response of addressing any necessary actions, Krupski faced resistance from his immediate superiors and co-workers, claiming he was informed about having no future at Tesla. Allegedly, he was even threatened by a colleague.

The situation escalated in 2022 when Krupski was terminated, officially for poor time management, a negative influence on staff, and violating company policies by taking on-site photographs. Among the contentious images was one of a rolling table used for EV battery removal, challenging its weight limit.

Frustrated by what he perceived as Tesla’s disregard for safety, Krupski leaked internal company data to a German newspaper. The leaked information included details about Autopilot software issues and challenges in bringing the Cybertruck to market. However, it also contained sensitive personnel data, triggering lawsuits and legal investigations.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States has interviewed Krupski as part of its Autopilot probe, while lawyers seek to build a class-action case on behalf of Tesla employees affected by the data leak. In the Netherlands, where Tesla’s European headquarters is situated, the Data Protection Authority is assessing whether the data breach violated privacy laws.

Krupski, who recently made his identity public, aims to sue Tesla for compensation, asserting unfair treatment. However, financial constraints currently hinder his ability to secure legal representation. The saga continues as legal scrutiny surrounds Tesla and its former employee-turned-whistleblower.

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