Bugatti Bolide Has A Track-Optimised Interior With An ‘X-Theme’ Design

Bugatti’s track-only hyper sports car, the Bolide, features a specially designed interior tailored for its exceptional performance. The interior is crafted around an all-new lightweight and high-strength monocoque, even stronger and stiffer than the Chiron’s, due to the Bolide’s incredible performance requirements.

The new monocoque allows for a unique seating position, with the driver leaning rearwards into the car, and the passenger optimally angled towards the front. The interior is exclusive to the Bolide project and includes racing seats, a high-tech steering wheel, and bespoke arrangements for safety, comfort, and performance.

The Bolide’s interior design is inspired by the exterior’s ‘X-theme’ aesthetic, featuring X-shaped taillights and a visionary steering wheel with an ‘X-theme’ structure at its core. The steering wheel is not only functional but also a piece of art that can be easily unfastened and used as a decorative element in other spaces, emphasising the anticipation of future thrilling driving experiences.

The steering wheel’s design process involved state-of-the-art modelling software, including high-tech 3D shaping with polygonal modelling, allowing Bugatti specialists to accurately model its complex structures. Feedback from test drivers contributed to a tight, compact, and ergonomic design with eight key buttons optimally placed for driving at high speeds and handling g-forces.

For on-track driving, the Bolide offers two display interfaces, one with complex motorsport values for high-performance driving and another providing key information for customers. The ‘X-theme’ aesthetic extends to the seats, with an ‘X-theme’ treatment embedded in the multi-pad design. The seats are fixed directly onto the monocoque, ensuring a perfect connection between the driver and the car without compromising comfort. The Bolide offers four seating size options, and materials such as leather, suede, napa, and Alcantara can be specified.

To keep the driver cool on the track, the Bolide features a lightweight climate control system with a symmetrical quad design incorporating four pipes with aluminium nozzles, maintaining an aesthetic connection to the Bolide’s exterior.

Bugatti is in the final stages of personalisation for Bolide customers, ensuring each example is unparalleled in every respect with input from expert test drivers, designers, and engineers.

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