JPJ Selangor Undercover Operation Nabs 22 Lorries, Exposing Significant Traffic Violations

The Department of Road Transport (JPJ) in Selangor, under the direction of Azrin Borhan, recently executed a successful undercover operation as part of the Integrated Compliance Operation. Utilising four unmarked vehicles, the operation specifically targeted lorries engaging in traffic offenses. A total of 22 lorries were apprehended during the operation, with a notable case involving a lorry carrying a ‘pilling’ load that exceeded the permitted limit by a significant 79.25%.

Azrin Borhan highlighted the significance of the operation’s success, commending the efforts of the undercover team from JPJ. Their surveillance activities played a crucial role in identifying and subsequently informing the operational members, leading to the apprehension of multiple commercial vehicles involved in traffic violations.

The operation, which took place on various highways, including the Federal Highway, New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Elite Highway, and Gutrie Highway, was conducted between 12:10 am and 10 am. It involved a team of 40 JPJ officers and personnel, with additional support from seven officers of the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) from the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

The focus of the operation extended beyond lorries, as a total of 98 vehicles were identified for various offenses. These included issues such as expired motor vehicle licenses (LKM), lack of vocational licenses (GDL), driving without a license (CDL), absence of vehicle insurance, and technical violations.

Azrin Borhan emphasised the importance of the Integrated Compliance Operation, which contributed to improving road safety and enforcing traffic regulations. As part of the operation’s outcome, a total of 98 summonses were issued to traffic offenders, reflecting the commitment of JPJ and collaborating enforcement agencies to uphold the law and ensure the proper conduct of road users. The operation’s oversight took place near Kuala Langat’s Bandar Gamuda Cove Toll Plaza.

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