Genesis X Gran Berlinetta: A Vision GT Concept for the Racing World

At the GT World Series Finals in Barcelona, Genesis unveiled the full-scale prototype of its Vision GT concept, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta. Developed for the Gran Turismo series, this exotic hypercar showcases the Athletic Elegance styling language without the constraints of a production vehicle.

The concept features a low-slung body with a long hood, cab-backward proportions, and striking design elements. The interior combines luxury with motorsport-inspired features, including a digital panoramic interface mounted on the base of the windshield.

The minimalist cockpit features Genesis’ signature Quad Lights, a yoke steering wheel, and heavily bolstered quilted seats.

The hybrid powertrain comprises a mid-mounted Lambda 11 V6 engine and a Yasa E electric motor, delivering a combined output of 1,071hp and 1336Nm of torque.

While the concept is designed for racing and won’t enter production, it allows Genesis to showcase its design prowess and push boundaries in the virtual realm of Gran Turismo 7, with availability for players starting in January 2024.

The concept hints at the brand’s potential foray into more exciting segments in the future.

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