Honda to Unveil Global EV Series and Concept Car at CES 2024

Honda is set to make a significant splash at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2024, as it takes a stride toward its goal of introducing 30 new electric vehicles (EVs) globally by 2030. The automaker aims to achieve a sales volume of 2 million EVs and has set an ambitious target of 100 per cent zero-emission cars in North America by 2040, encompassing both battery-electric vehicles and fuel-cell electric vehicles.

As part of this endeavour, Honda plans to debut a new global EV series at CES 2024, showcasing its commitment to a sustainable automotive future. The manufacturer will host a booth at the event, complemented by a dedicated website, to present the global EV series models and highlight key technologies symbolising Honda’s transformative journey.

Accompanying the announcement, Honda released a teaser image offering a glimpse of what appears to be an electric concept car poised for its debut at CES 2024. The image reveals a squared-off front end with a low profile, sloping at a steep angle. While much of the vehicle remains concealed, a pixelated wheel design emerges from the shadows, hinting at a futuristic and innovative design.

The imminent arrival of the 2024 Prologue, Honda’s second foray into the North American EV market after the Clarity, is part of this electrifying initiative. In contrast to the teased concept car’s bold design, the Prologue features more subdued styling, signaling a strategic move by Honda to appeal to a broader range of consumers.

In line with these developments, Honda disclosed plans to transform its business operations to align with a new global brand slogan: “The Power of Dreams – How we move you.” The automaker suggests that this slogan reflects its commitment to developing products and services that transcend various constraints, enhancing their abilities and possibilities. The interpretation of this slogan’s practical implications remains open to speculation, leaving industry observers eager to learn more about Honda’s transformative vision at CES 2024.

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