Tesla Humorously Offers “Broken Glass” Decal For RM256

In a humorous turn of events, Tesla has transformed a memorable 2019 mishap into a unique accessory for its Cybertruck owners. During the initial unveiling of the Cybertruck, Tesla’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen, attempted to showcase the vehicle’s shatterproof windows by throwing a metal ball at them. To everyone’s surprise, the supposedly unbreakable windows cracked.

Elon Musk’s reaction at the time, “Well, maybe that was a little too hard,” quickly became a viral moment. Now, Tesla has decided to embrace the incident by offering an exclusive “broken glass” sticker specifically designed for the Cybertruck’s rear driver-side window, where the real-life cracks occurred.

Priced at $55 (RM256), the sticker serves as a lighthearted nod to the infamous window demonstration gone awry. Despite its seemingly steep price, the sticker has quickly sold out, with Tesla not disclosing the exact quantity made available.

The Cybertruck, known for its unconventional design and robust features, has become a symbol of Tesla’s innovation. The window sticker, showcasing the cracked glass pattern, is positioned on the rear side window, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view for safety reasons.

During the recent Cybertruck delivery event, von Holzhausen recreated the infamous window test, this time with a seemingly gentler throw that did not result in any cracks. While the sticker is undoubtedly a playful addition to the Cybertruck accessory lineup, it’s just one of many items available on Tesla’s official website.

Aside from the broken glass sticker, Cybertruck owners can choose from a range of accessories, including a tailgate ramp, cargo rails, and a $3,000 (RM13,963) tent designed to seamlessly integrate with the truck bed. Prices for the Cybertruck itself start at approximately $61,000 (RM283,924) for the two-wheel-drive version and extend to over $100,000 (RM465,450) for the high-performance four-wheel-drive variant dubbed the Cyberbeast. Tesla continues to leverage the Cybertruck’s unique characteristics, turning even unexpected events into opportunities for creativity and engagement with its community of owners and enthusiasts.

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