Hyundai and Kia Unveil Active Air Skirt Technology for Enhanced EV Efficiency

Hyundai and Kia have introduced an innovative technology called the Active Air Skirt (AAS) to optimise the efficiency of their electric vehicles (EVs). Focused on minimising aerodynamic resistance during high-speed driving, AAS aims to enhance the driving range and stability of battery-powered cars.

AAS operates by strategically managing the airflow entering through the lower part of the bumper. It adjusts turbulence around the vehicle wheels based on variable settings corresponding to the vehicle’s speed during high-speed driving. The system remains concealed during normal operation but becomes active at speeds exceeding 80km/h, precisely targeting aerodynamic resistance surpassing rolling resistance. AAS reverts to its stowed position at around 69km/h to avoid unnecessary operation within specific speed ranges.

Unlike fully concealing the entire front, AAS selectively covers only the front part of the tires. This tailored approach is designed to be more effective in improving aerodynamic performance, especially on the flat platform floor of the E-GMP platform. Additionally, the partial coverage contributes to increased downforce, enhancing vehicle traction and high-speed stability.

AAS is engineered to operate at speeds exceeding 199km/h, utilising rubber material on the lower part for durability and protection against external objects. Tests conducted with the Genesis GV60 showed a reduction in the drag coefficient (Cd) by 0.008, translating to a 2.8 percent improvement in drag. This improvement is estimated to provide an additional range enhancement of approximately 5km.

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