Mini Fifth-Generation Cooper SE: Fit For All Weather Conditions

Mini, renowned for its blend of efficiency and driving pleasure, introduces the fully-electric fifth-generation Mini Cooper SE, promising an unparalleled driving experience in all weather conditions. This electric marvel, built on the iconic Mini Cooper platform, combines a classic go-kart feeling with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a thrilling drive regardless of the elements.

Featuring a slightly larger track width and extended wheelbase, the new Cooper SE delivers enhanced dynamism, especially on snow and ice. The 218hp electric motor provides instantaneous power, seamlessly channelled to the high-quality chassis technology. The car’s direct steering behaviour ensures agility, while the integrated braking system guarantees optimal safety even on slippery surfaces.

Navigating frozen inclines or downhill stretches is made safer with Active Slip Regulation, optimising traction and delivering up to 330Nm of maximum torque in a controlled manner. The high-voltage battery, boasting a 54.2 kWh capacity and a range of up to 402km in the WLTP test cycle, is strategically positioned in the vehicle floor, contributing to a well-balanced weight distribution. This design choice results in a low centre of gravity, coupled with superior suspension and damping properties, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride.

Reflecting on the brand’s 60-year history of innovation and reinvention, Mini stays true to its roots while embracing modern advancements. The classic Mini’s success on snow-covered roads during the 1960s Monte Carlo Rally inspires the contemporary Mini Cooper SE to master winter conditions confidently.

In terms of design, the reduced exterior of the Mini Cooper SE maintains a confident expression, staying true to the brand’s iconic style. This electric vehicle redefines the essence of the classic 3-door car, embodying the spirit of Mini’s journey over six decades. As an homage to the legendary classic Mini’s triumph on snow-covered roads, the fifth-generation promises an exhilarating driving experience with cutting-edge electric technology.


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