Honda Reveals Plans On Electric Sports Car

In a strategic move toward electrification, Honda is set to join the electric sports car race, as revealed by CEO Toshihiro Mibe during CES earlier this month. Honda showcased its commitment to EVs with two concept cars, offering a glimpse into the brand’s new design language and technological advancements. However, Mibe shared that behind the scenes, a battery-powered sports car is already in the production pipeline.

The upcoming electric sports car is positioned as a pivotal member of the 0 Series, a range of electric vehicles slated for release starting in 2026. While specific details about the production model remain undisclosed, Mibe assured that development is progressing steadily. The sports car aims to be the flagship model of the 0 Series, incorporating technical innovations focused on maximising interior space, reducing battery weight, and optimising overall efficiency – all while prioritising the “joy of driving” and driver engagement.


Reflecting the design philosophy introduced with the 0 Series concept at CES, the electric sports car is expected to feature a low-slung, cab-forward profile. The cockpit design will embrace minimalism, aiming to eliminate distractions for an immersive driving experience. Notably, the battery design will be substantially slimmer compared to Honda’s current EVs. Propulsion will rely on e-axle drive units, compactly integrating motors, inverters, and gearboxes to enhance interior space utilisation.

Mibe emphasised that Honda’s sporty EV will offer a “completely different taste” from any of the company’s previous performance cars, underscoring the uniqueness and character that the R&D program aims to deliver. Additionally, Honda is conducting a thorough analysis of the current electric sports car market, positioning itself to carve out a distinctive space without explicitly naming competitors.

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