All-Electric Mini Aceman Undergoes Rigorous Testing

Inching closer to its series production, the upcoming Mini Aceman is currently being subjected to gruelling tests, navigating sandy desert roads under scorching temperatures. Measuring 4,075mm in length, 1,754mm in width, and 1,495mm in height, the Aceman positions itself between the Mini Cooper and the Mini Countryman. Serving as the third stand-alone model in the all-new electric Mini lineup, the Aceman boasts four doors and a spacious tailgate, offering accommodation for up to five passengers.

The Mini Aceman, having already triumphed in tests at the Arctic Circle, is now undergoing final evaluations in the desert’s blistering heat and strong sunlight. Beyond evaluating standard features like driving dynamics and comfort, the test team places a significant focus on assessing the electric vehicle’s specific challenges. This involves rigorous testing of air conditioning, battery charging, and cooling mechanisms, as well as the performance of the drive and control components. All these tests are carried out in the demanding conditions of dusty desert sands, where temperatures can soar up to 50°C.

The forthcoming Aceman is set to be exclusively available as a fully electric vehicle, featuring a 54.2 kWh battery. Embracing the electric drive concept, this agile crossover manages to maximise comfort and versatility while minimising its road footprint. True to the brand’s fundamental principles, the design prioritises ample interior space within compact external dimensions, delivering agile driving characteristics and optimal efficiency. The functional two-box design, characterised by short overhangs, allows for a spacious interior that accommodates five passengers and luggage within a minimal footprint.

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