Overfinch Reveals ‘The Dragon Edition’ 2024 Range Rover

Overfinch, the prestigious Range Rover enhancement specialist, is set to debut a unique commemorative version of the 2024 Range Rover to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Dubbed ‘The Dragon Edition,’ this special release comprises only eight meticulously crafted bespoke enhancement packages, each symbolising strength and prosperity.

Inspired by the revered Chinese Dragon, ‘The Dragon Edition’ seamlessly blends elements of Chinese culture with Overfinch’s innovative approach. With the iconic image of the zodiac dragon incorporated throughout, these commemorative models boast a range of exclusive detailing and design features.

This latest limited edition from Overfinch is the culmination of a year-long creative journey, reflecting the company’s dedication to reimagining the legendary Range Rover over its four-decade history. With roots tracing back to the mid-1970s, Overfinch has consistently led the way in Range Rover enhancements.

Priced at £200,000 (RM1,195,247) for the kit, The Dragon Edition is available as a conversion program for existing Range Rover owners worldwide, specifically tailored for SV and Autobiography variants of the 2024 model.

The exclusive theme is brought to life through custom multi-coloured embroidery on the leather, intricate hand-laid graphics in the veneers, and dragon-inspired inlay motifs. The gear selector features the Dragon’s talons, accompanied by limited-edition badging, while the interior can be personalised to the client’s preferences.

Overfinch’s seat designs showcase perforated dragon-scale patterning, enhancing both the visual appeal and tactile feel of the cabin. Illuminated treadplates with numbered plaques further underscore the theme and exclusivity of this limited edition.

Externally, commemorative badging and the introduction of the new Overfinch 24-inch Vortex wheel, featuring the Dragon emblem on the self-levelling centre cap, provide distinctive finishing touches.

‘The Dragon Edition’ by Overfinch epitomises a blend of luxury, craftsmanship, and cultural significance, offering Range Rover enthusiasts an unparalleled and captivating ownership experience.

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