PLUS Malaysia’s Strategies for Managing Traffic Surge During CNY

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) is gearing up for the anticipated surge in traffic on its highways during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. To ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for highway users, PLUS has outlined four key strategies focusing on user comfort, traffic management, traffic distribution, and efficient communication.

Highway Users’ Comfort

PLUS Chief Operating Officer, Datuk Ir Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi, emphasised the priority of managing congestion at toll plazas and the mainline to enhance user comfort. To achieve this, PLUS will deploy 450 PLUSRonda personnel for highway patrol, station 1,500 staff at toll plazas, and ensure all toll lanes are operational. Additionally, maintenance staff will ensure cleanliness at rest areas, with extra facilities such as toilets and temporary parking areas provided at selected locations.

Traffic & Efficient Incident Management

PLUS is committed to efficient traffic management and incident handling during the festive season. Lane closures will be minimised from 5th to 16th February 2024, except for emergencies and critical works. The SmartLane will be utilised to increase lane capacity, while a heavy vehicle ban enforced on specific dates aims to facilitate smoother traffic flow.

Traffic Distribution

PLUS introduces MyPLUS-TTA, a digital journey scheduling approach, to distribute traffic and prevent congestion at specific locations simultaneously. Users can access the schedule through the PLUS App to plan journeys between 8th to 13th February 2024.

Communication & Customer Management

Continuous traffic updates and communication channels are vital for highway travel. PLUS commits to providing updates through electronic displays, the PLUS App, X@PLUSTrafik, social media, and mass media. Highway users can also seek assistance via the PLUSLine and PUTRI Chatbot for emergencies. PLUS reminds users to ensure sufficient balances in their Touch ‘n Go cards or eWallets before embarking on their journeys.

By implementing these strategies, PLUS aims to enhance user experience and ensure a safe and convenient journey for all highway users during the festive season.

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