Aston Martin Unveils Revamped Vantage: More Power, Enhanced Performance

Aston Martin, renowned for its iconic Vantage model, unveils an updated iteration of its revered two-door GT car after 74 years of craftsmanship. The latest generation, introduced in 2018, undergoes a substantial update, focusing on significant mechanical enhancements alongside aesthetic refinements. Beyond surface-level changes, Aston Martin aims to deliver a refreshed appearance coupled with elevated performance that resonates with enthusiasts.

At the heart of the new Vantage lies a Mercedes-sourced 4.0-litre V8 engine, now tuned to deliver an impressive 656hp, marking a substantial increase of 153hp from its predecessor. This power surge is not merely the result of heightened boost pressure but stems from meticulous adjustments, including new camshafts, enlarged turbos, and a modified compression ratio. Furthermore, three additional heat exchangers and an enlarged oil cooler manage coolant and charge air temperatures more effectively, ensuring optimal engine performance.

The powertrain is mated to the trusted 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, transmitting power to the rear wheels via an electronic limited-slip differential. With a shortened final drive ratio of 3.083:1, the new Vantage achieves swifter acceleration while maintaining an impressive top speed of 325km/h and a blistering 0-100km/h sprint time of just 3.4 seconds.

Structural enhancements bolster the Vantage’s rigidity, with a revised underbody and repositioned front cross-member contributing to increased torsional stiffness. Additionally, a lighter and stiffer strut brace enhances chassis stiffness, complemented by improved rigidity at the rear. These modifications pave the way for the new Bilstein DTX adaptive dampers to optimise handling and ride quality.

Software refinements further enhance performance and driver engagement, with Aston Martin fine-tuning traction management modes, launch control system, and electronic power steering. The result is a dynamic driving experience on twisty roads, complemented by a high-performance braking system featuring front 400mm steel rotors with six-piston callipers and rear 360mm rotors with four-piston callipers. Carbon ceramic brakes are available as an option, shedding unsprung weight for improved agility and handling.

Inside, the Vantage cockpit is sleek and elegant, with clean lines and a spacious feel. The seats are comfortable and supportive, designed for an enjoyable driving experience. Standard features include a 11-speaker audio system, while audiophiles can opt for the upgraded Bowers & Wilkins system with 15 speakers and 1,170W of power.

The Vantage also comes with Aston Martin’s latest infotainment system, which includes a 10.25-inch touchscreen with online connectivity. Navigation is enhanced with real-time traffic updates and dynamic routing, making journeys smoother and more efficient. The system also supports wireless Apple CarPlay for seamless smartphone integration.

Owners can interact with their Vantage through the Aston Martin app, which offers features like vehicle monitoring, location tracking, and community engagement. The app is free for the first three years and enhances the ownership experience.

Despite the extensive enhancements, the essence of the Vantage remains unchanged – a timeless two-door GT car offering a captivating driving experience. Deliveries are scheduled to commence in Q2 2024, with pricing details expected to be announced concurrently, enticing Aston Martin enthusiasts eager to experience the all-new Vantage firsthand.

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