Honda CR-V FCEV Blends Hydrogen Power with Battery Technology

Honda enthusiasts have been granted a tantalising glimpse into the future with a short video teaser of the upcoming CR-V FCEV, scheduled for its debut in 2024. While still shrouded in camouflage, this hydrogen-powered rendition of the beloved SUV hints at enhanced functionality thanks to the integration of a battery pack.

Upon its anticipated arrival later this year, the Honda CR-V FCEV is poised to make history as North America’s first production vehicle to combine a battery pack with a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. This innovative fusion equips the SUV with the flexibility to be charged akin to a conventional EV when access to a hydrogen pump is scarce.

This groundbreaking feature alleviates the CR-V FCEV’s dependence on the limited hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, while its bi-directional charging capability empowers owners to harness stored battery power for various electronic devices, as showcased with a coffee maker in the teaser video.

Although specifics such as battery capacity and hydrogen tank size remain undisclosed, driving range details are eagerly anticipated. Nonetheless, the new powertrain, developed in collaboration with General Motors, promises significant cost savings compared to the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, while boasting double the durability.

Visually, the fuel-cell EV flaunts a redesigned front end, characterised by a sleeker grille and enlarged bumper intakes, setting it apart from its gasoline-powered counterpart, the CR-V. Notable alterations include the addition of a charging port on the front fender and distinct clear taillight clusters.

Production of the Honda CR-V FCEV is slated to take place at the Marysville plant in Ohio, with distribution plans encompassing not only North America but also the Japanese market. As anticipation mounts, enthusiasts eagerly await further revelations about this pioneering SUV poised to redefine automotive innovation.

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