GWM Announces Arrival of ORA 07 & Tank 300 in Malaysia

GWM Malaysia is expanding its product offerings with the introduction of two new models: the ORA 07 and GWM Tank 300, providing Malaysian consumers with a broader selection of models to choose from.

The ORA 07, a sleek electric coupe, is set to debut in the Malaysian market in the first quarter of 2024. Boasting a stylish design and electric powertrain, the ORA 07 is expected to appeal to consumers seeking a modern and sophisticated driving experience.

Joining the lineup is the highly anticipated GWM Tank 300, scheduled to arrive in 2024. As China’s top rugged SUV, the Tank 300 is designed to conquer tough terrains with ease, offering durability, performance, and versatility for adventurous drivers.

By introducing these new models, GWM Malaysia aims to meet the diverse needs and preferences of Malaysian consumers, providing a range of stylish, efficient, and capable vehicles suitable for various lifestyles.

In addition to the new models, the ORA Good Cat has gained significant popularity in the market, thanks to its striking design and impressive performance. In response to customer demand, GWM Malaysia introduced the vibrant Pistachio Green colour option for the ORA Good Cat, further enhancing its appeal in the market.

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