Zagato Unveils AGTZ Twin Tail: A Tribute to Racing Heritage

Zagato, an Italian coachbuilding company, has recently unveiled its latest automotive masterpiece, the AGTZ Twin Tail, a bespoke version of the Alpine A110 sports car crafted in homage to a forgotten racing legend from the 1960s. Limited to a mere 19 units, this exclusive model capitalises on the current fascination with long-tail supercars while reverently nodding to historical racing heritage.

Dubbed the “Twin Tail,” this exceptional car features a removable carbon fibre appendage, allowing owners to alternate between a striking long-tail silhouette and a more practical configuration for everyday use, facilitating easier parking and manoeuvring.

However, the significance of this design element transcends mere aesthetics. It pays homage to the Alpine A220, a legendary long-tail racecar that graced the tracks of the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Despite falling short of its Le Mans aspirations, one particular A220 variant (chassis 1731) achieved notable success after having its tail section removed, excelling in hill climbs and various competitions, ultimately securing podium finishes.

Beyond its distinctive rear treatment, the AGTZ Twin Tail boasts several other enhancements. The grille and headlights have been reimagined, complemented by a new rear inlet and an upturned lower edge on the side window. Additionally, the roof adopts a subtle double-bubble contour, adding a touch of elegance to the car’s profile.

While detailed performance specifications are yet to be disclosed, it remains unclear if the A110’s existing 1.8-litre engine will undergo modification. Nevertheless, the standard A110 model delivers 252hp, while its top-tier counterpart, the A110 R, generates an impressive 297hp. CEO Andrea Zagato emphasises that, true to the Zagato ethos, the AGTZ Twin Tail is designed as a grand tourer, prioritising luxurious comfort and refined performance over raw racing prowess.

Priced at €650,000 (RM3,371,996) and with demand rapidly outpacing availability, prospective buyers are urged to secure their orders swiftly. The AGTZ Twin Tail is slated to make its physical debut in May at Lake Como, Italy, where enthusiasts and collectors will have the opportunity to witness this rare and exceptional creation in all its glory.

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