Malaysia to be First Southeast Asia Country to Launch the Jaecoo J7

Since its inception, Jaecoo has rapidly established itself as a prominent player in the off-road market worldwide, engaging in a comprehensive value chain deployment. Within just nine months, Jaecoo has amassed a devoted following in over a dozen countries and regions, steadily increasing its influence. Guided by the brand ethos of “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” Jaecoo is poised to launch its debut urban premium off-road SUV, the J7, on a global scale this year.

The recent major launch event held in Mexico on February 20th garnered significant attention and acclaim from key industry representatives, media publishers, and investor-dealers alike. With the successful introduction of the J7, Jaecoo aims to further expand its presence in the global right-hand drive market. Notably, Malaysia is slated to be the first country in Southeast Asia to witness the launch of the Jaecoo J7 in the first half of 2024.

In preparation for the J7’s launch, Jaecoo hosted an exclusive preview event in Malaysia on January 3rd, attracting potential dealer investors and industry media. Attendees were treated to the unveiling of the premium off-road SUV, which seamlessly integrates off-road performance with smart technology. The SUV’s striking design and innovative features received widespread praise from guests.

To demonstrate the J7’s off-road capabilities and real-world performance, Jaecoo conducted rigorous testing at Malaysia’s renowned “M4TREC” off-road track immediately following the preview event. The J7 excelled in various extreme off-road tests, showcasing its  adaptability. Equipped with the advanced ARDIS (All Road Drive Intelligent System), the J7 effortlessly navigated diverse terrains and challenging conditions.

ARDIS revolutionises the off-road experience by offering the most diverse driving modes in its class, tailored to address a range of challenging conditions with scenario-based technological logic. With the BOSCH Intelligent Power Brake (IPB) control system, ARDIS boasts rapid response times and enhanced braking capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in off-road situations.

Backed by a powerful 1.6TGDI engine that produces 194hp and 290Nm of torque and a 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission, the J7 delivers impressive power and agility, rivalling luxury brands in performance metrics. With Malaysia positioned as a key market in Jaecoo’s global strategy, the brand is dedicated to delivering unique lifestyle-oriented driving experiences worldwide, offering smarter and more exceptional off-roading products to consumers.

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