The Bugatti Bolide has the Biggest Carbon Brake System Ever Made by Brembo

The Bugatti Bolide stands as a testament to automotive engineering, blending the iconic W16 engine with cutting-edge lightweight techniques to deliver an unparalleled track driving experience. At the heart of the Bolide’s performance lies its braking technology, featuring the largest carbon brake system ever produced by Brembo.

Bugatti tasked Brembo with the challenge of creating a brake system that matches the Bolide’s uncompromising nature. Over two years of rigorous testing and development, Brembo engineers collaborated closely with Bugatti to craft a brake system that pushes the boundaries of design and performance.

The Bolide’s front brakes are a marvel of engineering, boasting two eight-piston monobloc callipers with high-performance pads and massive 390×37.5 mm carbon discs. The rear brakes mirror the front setup, featuring two six-piston monobloc callipers and sizable 390×34 mm carbon discs. Despite their imposing size, the callipers are machined from aluminium alloy and nickel-coated for optimal performance.

Mario Almondo, Chief Operating Officer of Brembo Performance, expressed pride in the achievement, highlighting the engineering prowess required to develop a brake system for the Bolide. The use of carbon compounds akin to those in Formula 1 allowed for a lightweight design without compromising performance.

The lightweight design not only reduces overall system weight but also ensures exceptional thermal conductivity for superior heat dissipation during intense braking. This prevents brake fade and provides consistent performance even under extreme conditions.

The holistic approach to the brake system extends beyond callipers and discs, encompassing bespoke master cylinders and specially formulated fluid. Every component works in harmony to deliver exceptional performance on the track.

Collaboration between Bugatti and Brembo also focused on optimising brake system cooling, crucial for managing the energy unleashed by the Bugatti W16 engine. By directing airflow precisely to the discs and pads, the system ensures optimal performance during rigorous track sessions.

Through extensive testing and refinement, the brake system of the Bolide has been fine-tuned to excel in diverse conditions, including wet weather scenarios. This attention to detail ensures that the Bolide remains unrivalled, delivering outstanding performance without compromising safety or security on the track.

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