Mythos Series: Mercedes-Benz’s Highly Anticipated Line of Ultra-Luxury Cars

If the Maybach was not luxurious enough for you, Mercedes-Benz has rekindled excitement with its announcement of the forthcoming Mythos-branded models, initially revealed back in 2022. Despite a quiet spell since the unveiling, the automaker recently reassured enthusiasts that progress is underway, hinting at an imminent debut for the highly anticipated Mythos-badged vehicle.

In a presentation highlighting Mercedes-Benz’s 2023 performance for stakeholders, the company outlined a strategic roadmap aimed at catering to its most discerning clientele. Among the key initiatives mentioned were the expansion of the Manufaktur personalisation program, a strategic partnership with fashion giant Moncler, a collaboration with renowned designer Virgil Abloh on a limited-edition Maybach, and the introduction of the inaugural model from the Mythos series, slated for release in 2025.

While specific details surrounding the Mythos lineup remain closely guarded, indications suggest that the first model to bear the Mythos badge will be an evolution of the recently launched SL. Described as “ultra-exclusive collector cars,” the Mythos range promises to push the boundaries of luxury, appealing to customers who seek a level of opulence beyond what Maybach currently offers. However, securing one of these coveted models may prove challenging, as Mercedes-Benz intends to reserve them for a select group of dedicated enthusiasts and collectors.

This exclusivity strategy mirrors trends observed in the luxury automotive sector, exemplified by Bentley’s highly sought-after Bacalar and Batur models, which sold out swiftly despite their limited production runs and premium price tags. By targeting long-standing brand loyalists and collectors, Mercedes-Benz aims to cultivate a similar level of desirability with its Mythos lineup.

Gordon Wagener, the visionary behind Mercedes-Benz’s design language, offered a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come with the Mythos series through a cryptic preview image shared on social media in 2022. While details remain scarce, Wagener’s teaser suggests that the Mythos models will embody a unique identity characterised by more than just superficial enhancements. As anticipation continues to build, enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of Mercedes-Benz’s latest expression of automotive excellence with the Mythos series.

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