Porsche Design and HONOR Unveil the Magic V2 RSR

Porsche, the renowned German sports car manufacturer, has surprised tech enthusiasts by teaming up with Shenzhen-based electronics firm HONOR to infuse luxury and automotive design into the latest iteration of its folding phone.

Dubbed the Porsche Design HONOR Magic V2 RSR, with “RSR” paying homage to “RennSport Rennwagen” (translated to “Racing Sport Racing Car”), this collaboration has birthed a revamped outer design for the Magic V2 foldable phone launched last year, along with a heftier price tag of £2,349.99 (RM14,211) ― a £650 (RM3,930) premium over the standard price of the HONOR Magic V2.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Porsche silhouette, affectionately known as the “flyline,” the handset sports a sleek ridge along its back. This design element, according to marketing materials, exudes the legendary sports car’s sense of dynamic sportiness.

Additionally, the camera module has received an upgrade from the standard HONOR Magic V2, featuring a titanium frame and a distinctive trapezoid shape. The phone is available in a single colour option: Agate Grey, a subtle blend of light green and grey reminiscent of many Porsche models, including the iconic 911.

Despite the added Porsche flair, the dimensions of the Magic V2 remain unchanged, measuring 9.9mm when folded and 4.7mm when open. Interestingly, the Magic V2 claims the title of the world’s thinnest folding phone, edging out competitors like the iPhone 15.

The Porsche Design HONOR Magic V2 RSR weighs 234g, 3g more than the standard model. In the UK, it will be accompanied by a stylus, a protective case made from stitched dark grey vegan leather, and a spare 66W fast charger.

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