Highway Authorities Fine-Tune Strategies for Ramadan Traffic Management

With Ramadan fast approaching, highway authorities are revving up efforts to guarantee hassle-free journeys for commuters navigating the bustling roads during the Ramadan month.

Spearheading the charge, Sazali Harun, the Director-General of the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM), underscored the imperative of robust preparations to accommodate the anticipated surge in traffic flow on toll highways once Ramadan starts on Tuesday.

Harun emphasised the importance of anticipating the surge by implementing various initiatives. These include adjusting the operational hours of tidal lanes or smart lanes to align with changed work schedules. Additionally, ensuring impeccable maintenance of all amenities at rest areas, lay-bys, and toll plazas, including water supply and cleanliness, remains a top priority.

He urged highway concessionaires to exercise caution when scheduling lane closures for maintenance during Ramadan, taking into account the shifts in commuting patterns. Identifying congestion hotspots and providing temporary infrastructure to cope with increased traffic were among the suggested measures.

Furthermore, Harun emphasised the significance of bolstering collaboration with law enforcement to streamline traffic movement, particularly at critical junctures such as traffic lights post-highway exits, to stave off gridlock.

These directives come on the heels of a comprehensive inspection by Harun, assessing the planning and execution of traffic management strategies by highway operator Anih Berhad, aimed at easing congestion on the bustling Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway, particularly at the Gombak toll plaza.

As Ramadan looms large, highway concessionaires are urged to implement these directives diligently, ensuring a seamless and stress-free travel experience for all road users.

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