Canadian Arrested in US for Allegedly Stealing Tesla’s Trade Secrets

A Canadian resident of China has been arrested in the United States for allegedly stealing trade secrets from electric car manufacturer Tesla and conspiring to sell them to undercover law enforcement officers.

Klaus Pflugbeil, the operator of a China-based business selling technology used in electric vehicles, was apprehended in New York after travelling for a meeting with undercover agents posing as Long Island businesspeople.

Pflugbeil, along with business partner Yilong Shao, allegedly built their enterprise using trade secrets belonging to “a leading U.S.-based electric vehicle company,” although prosecutors did not explicitly name Tesla. Both individuals are former employees of a Canadian company that Tesla acquired in 2019, fitting the description of Hibar.

While Pflugbeil was expected to appear in Brooklyn federal court, Shao remains at large. Prosecutors have not disclosed further details about the case or the specific charges against the defendants.

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