Proton S70 Owner Receives Swift Response from Proton After Reporting 83 Issues

Following Motoqar’s report last week regarding a Proton S70 Flagship X owner experiencing 73 problems with his sedan, the owner, Ku Azhar Ku Razi, 34, has provided an update on the situation. Ku Azhar revealed that his car has been taken to the Proton Center of Excellence in Shah Alam for assessment.

“On March 17, three representatives from Proton arrived and confirmed a total of 83 genuine issues with the car, which will be thoroughly examined,” Ku Azhar stated.

He further mentioned that his car had been safely transported to Proton’s headquarters in Shah Alam. Additionally, the tally of issues increased to 83 after the inspection panel identified an additional cosmetic defect.

In response to the inconvenience faced by Ku Azhar, Proton has provided him with a spare X90 Flagship vehicle until his car is ready for repair. According to information from the Proton application, the repairs began this morning (March 17) and are expected to be completed within two weeks, by April 26.

Regarding the possibility of a new car exchange, Ku Azhar expressed that while he contacted Proton Customer Relationship Management (CRM) regarding this matter, he was informed that such an exchange depends on management approval. If approved, the exchange process would take a minimum of five working days and a maximum of 10 working days.

Despite the challenges, Ku Azhar expressed gratitude for the prompt response from Proton and appreciated the media coverage that brought attention to his situation, prompting swift action from the car manufacturer.

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