Bentley Motors Teases Third Coachbuilt Masterpiece

Bentley Motors is set to unveil its third coachbuilt creation on May 7, 2024, following the remarkable Bacalar Barchetta and Batur coupe. Crafted by Mulliner, Bentley’s renowned in-house bespoke division with a rich heritage in coachbuilding, this new addition to the exclusive family of Bentleys will uphold Mulliner’s tradition of creating truly unique cars tailored to the desires of its discerning clientele.

Limited to just 16 units, this new coachbuilt Bentley will be among the final units to be powered by Bentley’s iconic W12 engine, featuring its most potent iteration.

While specifics on the power output of this new creation have not been revealed, it’s anticipated that it may not match the 730hp and 1,003Nm of torque seen in the Batur coupe. Instead, output could align more closely with the 650hp of the Speed Edition 12 model.

Bentley first introduced the W-12 engine in 2003 with the debut of the first-generation Continental GT. With production coming to a close this year, Bentley estimates that over 105,000 examples of this engine will have been produced. While Bentley has yet to announce the powertrain that will succeed the W-12, speculation suggests a plug-in hybrid configuration featuring a turbocharged V-8.

Looking towards the future, Bentley envisions a transition from plug-in hybrids to electric vehicles (EVs), albeit with a revised timeline after postponing its previous goal of completing this shift by the decade’s end. The automaker now aims to debut its inaugural EV in 2026. Given the resounding success of past offerings like the Bacalar and Batur, which sold out swiftly, there’s ample potential for coachbuilt Bentleys to thrive in the forthcoming EV era.

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