Chery Malaysia’s Comprehensive Investigation into the Omoda 5 Back Axle Failure

This is a comprehensive analysis of the recent incident involving the failure of the back axle of an Omoda 5 manufactured by Chery Auto Malaysia. The incident has raised concerns about the safety and reliability of the car, prompting a thorough investigation by both the customer and Chery Auto Malaysia.

What happened?

The incident occurred when the back axle of the Omoda 5 snapped clean off while the car was in motion. The driver reported no significant road hazards or collisions that could have led to such a failure. The suddenness of the incident posed a serious safety risk to the occupants of the car, although fortunately, it transpired at a lower speed during a turn, averting potential catastrophic consequences.

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What caused it?

The primary focus of the investigation is to determine the root cause of the back axle failure. Initial observations indicate a potential structural weakness in the axle assembly, possibly exacerbated by inadequate welding points. The presence of rust around the weld points suggests a possible corrosion issue, leading to compromised integrity and eventual failure of the axle.

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Similar Incidents

According to information provided by a salesperson at the Balakong service centre, this incident marks the second reported case of back axle failure in Omoda 5 vehicles. However, details regarding the resolution of the previous case remain unclear. It is essential to investigate any prior incidents thoroughly to discern patterns and identify potential systemic issues within the manufacturing process.

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Solution Provided by Chery

Chery Auto Malaysia has released a statement and has taken proactive measures to address the situation and reassure affected customers. The affected car has been towed to the service centre for a comprehensive inspection and investigation. Additionally, Chery Auto Malaysia is reaching out to other potentially affected customers to encourage them to schedule inspections at their nearest service centres. The company is committed to transparency and has established a dedicated Customer Careline to address any concerns or inquiries from customers.

The back axle failure incident involving the Omoda 5 vehicle has raised significant concerns about the safety and reliability of Chery vehicles. A thorough investigation is underway to identify the root cause of the failure and implement corrective measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Chery Auto Malaysia remains committed to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its customers and is taking proactive steps to address the issue promptly and transparently.

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