Proton X50 Regains Position as Most Popular B-segment SUV

Proton continues to show robust growth in sales, posting a 17.1% increase in April 2024 compared to the same month in 2023, with 11,025 units sold domestically and for export. This growth trend has also extended to the first four months of 2024, with total sales reaching 50,175 units, surpassing the 49,702 units sold during the same period in 2023.

The Malaysian automotive market as a whole has seen growth, with an estimated total industry volume (TIV) of 59,100 units for the same period and a cumulative total of 261,345 units for the year.

Proton has maintained its position as the second-highest seller in the overall national automotive sales ranking, with an estimated market share of 18.7% in April and a year-to-date market share forecasted at 19.2%.

Export sales have played a significant role in Proton’s performance, experiencing a remarkable 38.5% increase from 603 units to 835 units year-to-date in April.

Notably, Proton’s models have performed well in their respective segments. The Proton X50 regained its position as the top-selling B-segment SUV in Malaysia, with 1,642 units sold in April. The Proton S70 has led sales for C-segment sedans since the beginning of the year, with 1,635 units sold in April and a cumulative total of 7,463 units for 2024.

The latest addition to Proton’s lineup, featuring a youthful design, seamless connectivity, and advanced safety features, has garnered significant interest among Malaysian buyers, contributing to the brand’s overall success.

The Proton Saga remains Proton’s best-selling model, with 5,031 units sold in April and year-to-date sales up by 8.8% to 23,278 units. Other models, including the Proton X70, Proton Persona, Proton X90, and Proton Iriz, have also contributed to Proton’s sales volume.

In terms of exports, the Proton Saga leads the pack with 427 units sold year-to-date, followed by the Proton X50 and Proton S70. Overall, export sales have seen substantial growth, reflecting Proton’s expanding presence in international markets.

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