Tesla vs. Tesla Power India: Trademark Infringement

Tesla’s legal battle with an Indian battery maker, Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd, has escalated as Tesla sues the company for trademark infringement. The Indian company has been accused of using the brand name “Tesla Power” to promote its products, despite receiving a cease-and-desist notice from Tesla in April 2022.

In a hearing at the Delhi High Court, Tesla argued that Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd continued to advertise its products under the “Tesla Power” brand, prompting the lawsuit seeking damages and a permanent injunction against the Indian company.

During the hearing, Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd defended its position, stating that its primary focus is on manufacturing lead-acid batteries and it has no intention of venturing into the production of electric vehicles.

The judge granted the Indian firm three weeks to provide written responses after it submitted documents supporting its defence. Tesla, incorporated in Delaware, alleges that Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd unlawfully used trade names such as “Tesla Power” and “Tesla Power USA.”

Screenshots presented in court showed a website indicating that Tesla Power USA LLC, headquartered in Delaware, was recognised as a leader in affordable batteries and had a significant presence in India.

Tesla claimed it discovered the unauthorised use of its brand name in 2022 and attempted unsuccessfully to stop the Indian company, leading to the lawsuit.

The legal dispute comes in the wake of Elon Musk’s canceled visit to India in April, where he had planned to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Instead, Musk visited China, further straining relations with India. The case is scheduled for its next hearing on May 22.

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