Transport Ministry and HRD Corp Join Forces to Train Lorry Drivers

The transport ministry is collaborating with the human resources ministry through an initiative by the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp) to address the shortage of lorry drivers in Malaysia, according to FMT. Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook highlighted the challenges posed by this shortage to various industries nationwide.

Loke mentioned that industries are currently facing a shortage of thousands of drivers and emphasised the need to train better drivers.

The collaboration with HRD Corp aims to utilise its funding mechanism to provide training for lorry drivers. This initiative will be complemented by the MyLesen program, which will subsidise the training and licensing costs for lorry drivers.

While urging industry players to collaborate with the transport ministry to facilitate job opportunities for trained drivers, Loke emphasised that the ministry will not intervene in determining wage structures, as these are determined by market forces. He noted that experienced drivers can earn around RM3,000, emphasising the potential for skilled drivers in the industry.

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