Mercedes Halts Development of New Platforms for Luxury EVs

Mercedes-Benz has made the decision to halt the development of a next-generation platform for mid- and full-size electric vehicles as part of its efforts to reduce spending in the EV segment amidst a slowdown in sales.

Initially announced in 2021, the MB.EA platform was a key component of Mercedes’ strategy to transition exclusively to EVs by 2030. However, slower-than-expected EV sales prompted the automaker to reevaluate its plans, leading to the decision to discontinue the development of the next-generation platform.

While the MB.EA Small platform, intended for electric versions of the C-Class and GLC-Class, is still in development and slated to debut next year, the larger MB.EA platform for successors to the EQE and EQS models has been scrapped. Instead, Mercedes will update the existing EVA2 platform for these models and their SUV variants.

The EQS successor, expected around 2028, will reportedly feature a more traditional sedan design compared to the current model’s distinctive aesthetic.

Despite this shift in strategy, Mercedes remains committed to its broader electrification goals. The automaker still plans to develop other EV platforms, including the MMA for compact EVs and hybrids, the AMG.EA for high-performance EVs from AMG, and the Van.EA for electric light commercial vehicles. There are currently no plans to halt the development of these additional platforms.

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