Fourth-Generation Bentley Continental GT Features the Ultra Performance Hybrid Powertrain

Originally launched in 2002, the Continental GT played a pivotal role in Bentley’s resurgence, dramatically increasing sales and redefining the brand for the modern era. Inspired by the 1952 R Type Continental, the Continental GT adopted key design elements like the power line, the haunch, and the sloping roofline. This design ethos contributed significantly to its popularity and sales success.

The impact of the Continental GT on Bentley’s fortunes was immediate and profound. Annual sales soared from about 1,000 cars to over 10,000 within four years. The second generation, unveiled in 2010, introduced a W12 engine, followed by a 4.0-litre V8 option in 2012. The third generation, launched in 2018, was built on a new platform with a new engine, suspension, electrical architecture, and updated interior and exterior designs, setting a new benchmark in the luxury GT segment.

Enter 2024 and Bentley is set to unveil the fourth-generation Continental GT in June, featuring the groundbreaking Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain. This new iteration of the Continental GT boasts impressive specifications with 782PS and 1000Nm of torque. It offers an electric-only range of 80km and maintains a CO2 emission figure of under 50 g/km (WLTP), making it not only the most powerful and dynamically capable Bentley road car in the brand’s 105-year history but also the most sustainable.


The new Continental GT integrates advanced chassis technology, including active all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, four-wheel steering, an electronic Limited Slip Differential, 48V electric active anti-roll control, and advanced dual-valve dampers. The design and technology suite has been updated to maintain Bentley’s hallmark of handcrafted luxury and materials.

Over the past two decades, the Continental GT has achieved numerous accolades, including speed records and championships in endurance races worldwide. It is Bentley’s second most popular model globally, only behind the Bentayga, with one in every three Bentleys sold being a Continental GT. Early next year, Bentley will celebrate the production of the 100,000th Continental GT at their Dream Factory in Crewe, England. This milestone underscores the enduring legacy and global appeal of this iconic Grand Tourer.

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