Proton Announces 5-Star After Sales Rating Initiative

Proton has initiated a new 5-Star Rating program aimed at elevating after-sales service across its nationwide outlets. This initiative recognises Proton dealers who excel in after-sales service, building on the company’s Proton Operational Excellence (POE) initiative that began on March 6, 2023.

The new rating system awards dealers based on their POE score and service quality, which is evaluated in two main categories: Speed and Compliance. These categories are measured across six focus areas, with the ultimate goal of effectively managing customer concerns and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The POE initiative itself aims to improve after-sales service by sharing best practices among outlets. It emphasises strict adherence to service processes, technician competency, stock inventory management, and customer management. This initiative was launched to enhance the business performance and operational efficiency of service centres nationwide. Each outlet is assessed monthly, and results are shared with all dealers to indicate their standing within the network. The After Sales Division of Proton works closely with outlets to raise their service levels, and quarterly roadshows are held to recognise top performers and reinforce standards by sharing best practices.

Under the new 5-Star Rating initiative, five dealerships will be awarded the top accolade each month, identifying them as centres of excellence for after-sales and customer service. To ensure fairness and engagement from the network, key performance indicators (KPIs) for the initiative are set based on feedback from all outlets and benchmarking against best practices from other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). 

The 5-Star Rating initiative was launched at an event held at Melinau Auto in Kuching, one of the top three Proton outlets recogniSed for meeting all the criteria for the accolade. Following the launch, the list of outlets receiving the 5-Star Rating will be published on Proton’s corporate website, accompanied by a distinctive badge for dealership recognition.

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