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Source: Monthly reports of Malaysia Automotive Association

A year ago, new vehicle deliveries stopped as the first Movement Control Order (MCO) was in force although 141 vehicles still reached their customers. A year later, although the MCO is still in force in varying degrees, sales and deliveries continue and in April 2021, the Total Industry Volume (TIV) was the third highest in 12 months with 57,912 units registered.

Cumulative sales for the first four months of this year compared to the same period in 2021 were 89% higher,as would be expected with sales in March and April 2020 having been impacted severely and dropping to the lowest level ever.

For some brands, new vehicle supply was also a factor in April sales being 12.3% lower than March due to the global shortage of computer chips used in the many electronic systems in cars today.

On the production side, it was the same thing a year ago as plants were also ordered to stop operations and only 275 units were reported to have been completed in April 2020. This year, 51,390 vehicles were assembled locally during the same month. As mentioned earlier, shortage of computer chips – a crucial item – saw production dropping diminishing.

93% of vehicles assembled locally were passenger vehicles (excluding pickup trucks).

It should be noted that the as Mercedes-Benz Malaysia does not wish to reveal its sales numbers, they are not included in the data above.

Forecast for May
The Malaysian Automotive Association expects the TIV to continue falling, and May registrations are likely to be lower than April. Although the latest MCO allows for businesses and factories to continue operating, stricter controls on public movements may dampen sales.

Besides the effects of the MCO, the Hari Raya festive period would also be a factor in diminished sales volume. Additionally, supplies of vehicles are also likely to remain affected by the chip shortage.


Key Points:

♦ The Total Industry Volume (TIV) rose marginally by 1% or 295 units month-on-month compared to the TIV for July.

♦ 46,802 passenger vehicles were registered during August, but this number does not include pick-up trucks which are classified under commercial vehicles.

♦ The same month in 2018 saw a significantly higher TIV due to the surge in sales as a result of no GST being charged. 65,550 vehicles were registered in August 2018, 22% higher than the TIV for August in 2019.

Source: Monthly reports of Malaysian Automotive Association

♦ Cumulative sales from January to August 2019 reached 398,335 units but during the same period in 2019, it was 423,615 units (6% higher).

♦ Production-wise though the gap is closed – 380,940 units for the first 8 months of this year versus 383,498 units in 2018.


♦ The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) expects the TIV for September to be similar to that of August due to the number of holidays reducing the selling days available. The severe haze may also distract people from thinking about buying new cars at this time.



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