Volvo broke Nurburgring lap record in 2016 but didn’t tell anyone!

Bragging rights at the Nurburgring is very important to many manufacturers. A hot lap around the Green Hell is the default standard used to gauge a performance car’s worth. Forget top speeds and 0-100km/h times, their significance pales in comparison to how fast a particular car can get around the insanely tricky and dangerous German track.

When an automaker one-ups the competition, it makes sure the whole world knows about it. It will publish an elaborate press release that is supplemented by a few videos to jack up the hype further. This is considered the norm these days, which is why its rather puzzling why Volvo, decided to do the exact opposite.

After the completion of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) at the Nurburgring, in typical fashion automakers pack up and head home. Volvo on the other hand, chose to stay on to do more research and development. It decided to put several of its race and road cars on the legendary course and push them to their limits to see how fast they would actually go.

The road going S60 Polestar managed to blitz the previous lap record to become the fastest four door production car to lap the infamous Nurburgring. After doing so, Volvo decided to keep the information to itself. Opting instead to make relevant changes to the racing and road cars from what was learnt on that day. The Swedish automaker hopes that, by deciding to keep mum about last year’s accomplishment, it might have a formidable advantage on track in this year’s WTCC.

Check out the video to understand what really happened behind the scenes in 2016 that led to Volvo’s best achievement on the most important proving ground.

Source: carthottle