Handmade eccentric Mad Max-like truck driven by Jay Leno

Jay Leno, the former Tonight’s Show host, has one of the most comprehensive collection of the world’s most coveted vehicles from the infancy of the automotive era right up to the present day onwa. Name a vehicle that has left a mark on this world in any way or form, and there would probably be an example of it in Jay’s garage.

His Youtube channel titled Jay Leno’s Garage regularly publishes car reviews and other videos that showcases the various other vehicles that he has in his collection as well as those that his guests bring on his show.

This particular episode will be most intriguing to those who are fans of movie cars as well as those that border on the eccentric. Several of the ones featured on this episode, especially the replica of the first generation batmobile and an authentic one from the Batman Returns movie will resonate with DC Comics fanboys everywhere.

That said, their uniqueness, pale in comparison to the weird artistic contraption that was dreamed up by an Henry Chang, engineer turned artist. Realizing that the world of computer programming wasn’t as fulfilling as he would have liked, Henry Chang now a designer/musician, has built a one-of-a-kind automobile that looks more at home in a Mad Max movie than on regular city streets.

Watch the video of Jay Leno and fellow comedian Jeff Dunham ride on this giant handmade, monster truck. Let us know what you think of the vehicle in the comments below.