Clarkson admitted in hospital for pneumonia

Jeremy Clarkson may not be in the best of health according to his latest post on Instagram. The former Top Gear presenter recently posted a picture of his right arm with hospital tags clearly visible along with the a drip needle in his forearm.

Apparently, Clarkson was admitted to a hospital while on vacation in Mallorca, Spain due to Pneumonia. In his Instagram post, Clarkson said, ” Not the sort of bangles I usually choose on holiday”.

He later added that it would be awhile before he sees any further action, hinting at the possibility that a great deal of rest and recuperation was needed for him to make a full recovery.

Clarkson is the second casualty of the trio that is responsible for the world renowned automotive show, The Grand Tour. Several months prior, Richard Hammond lost control of a Rimac Concept car that led to a horrific crash. Hammond was taken to hospital where extensive surgery was required to correct the injury to his left leg.

It seems for the moment, that both presenters will need considerable amount of time off while they recuperate. Though Hammond is considerably younger than Clarkson, the injury that he suffered, isn’t an easy fix.

As such, both incidents have caused a major blow to the current filming and should set back the release date of the new season even further. Only one of the infamous trio has managed to stay clear of any problems, and that’s James May.

After checking into a hospital, Clarkson, in good humour, posted a picture of May on his Instagram page with a quip, “The only functioning member of the Grand Tour team right now. God help us”

Jokes aside, we wish both Hammond and Clarkson a speedy recovery and hope they are able to get back on the saddle in no time. We also hope that they continue to produce even more over-the-top episodes of The Grand Tour.