Owner of E36 M3 goes to great lengths to protect his ride from hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has caused serious problems in Texas. The Category 3 hurricane, which made landfall about two weeks ago, has laid ruin to homes, vehicles and other property caused by its strong winds and heavy flooding.

Some experts estimate that the damage left in Harvey’s wake may take years and considerable amount of money to undo. As bad as this sounds, things might get even worse as weather forecasts say that there’s more heavy rainfall expected in the coming days.

This is especially bad news for car owners over there because all vehicles, from the least expensive to the ultra rare collectibles, weren’t spared from hurricane Harvey’s wrath. Places like Houston have been the worst effected regions in the state, which is why we think the recent news about a certain BMW enthusiast to be of worth mentioning.

Owning an E36 M3 is a challenge, even when everything is going fine with the car. Knowing the consequences if things went south, this Texan went to great lengths to ensure that his M3 was kept out of harm’s way. The car was kept on lifts to ensure that flood waters wouldn’t be able to reach it.

It isn’t the only Bimmer in his possesion mind you, he also owns an X5 and and another E36 that is kept on a trailer. Check out his video on the TEXAS E36 Garage’s video on Youtube as he takes viewers around his home and garage to show the aftermath of the hurricane.