Tragic Helicopter Collision Claims Lives of 10 Navy Personnel

In a devastating turn of events during the 90th TLDM HUT Celebration Crossing Exercise, tragedy struck as two Malaysian Navy aircraft, a HOM (M503-3) and a Fennec (M502-6), collided mid-air, resulting in a fatal accident. The incident, which occurred at approximately 9:45 am, sent shockwaves through the naval community and beyond.

According to reports from West POA, the collision occurred shortly after takeoff from Padang Sitiawan at 9:03 am. The HOM plane crashed onto the steps of the TLDM Lumut Stadium, while the Fennec aircraft plummeted into the swimming pool of the Lumut TLDM Sports Complex.

The swift response of emergency services, including FIRE, 96 HAT, and Protela, was evident as they rushed to the scene in an attempt to rescue the crew members involved. However, despite their efforts, it was tragically confirmed that there were no survivors from either aircraft.

The loss of lives has deeply affected the Malaysian Navy, particularly the families and colleagues of the victims. The crew members aboard the HOM aircraft (M503-3), comprising seven individuals from various ranks and roles within the Navy, were identified as:

  1. Kdr Muhammad Firdaus bin Ramli TLDM – PM Squadron 503.
  2. Lt Kdr Wan Rezaudeen Kamal bin Wan Zainal Abidin TLDM.
  3. Lt Kdr Mohammad Amirulfaris bin Mohamad Marzukhi TLDM.
  4. PW II TLR (AQM) Muhammad Faisol bin Tamadun.
  5. Three unidentified individuals.

Similarly, the three crew members aboard the Fennec Aircraft (M502-6) were identified as:

  1. Kdr Muhamad Amir bin Mohamad TLDM – PM Squadron 502.
  2. Lt Sivasutan a/l Thanjappan TLDM.
  3. PW II TMK Mohd Shahrizan bin Mohd Termizi.

The loss of these dedicated servicemen has cast a somber shadow over the TLDM community and the nation as a whole. As investigations into the cause of the collision commence, the focus remains on honouring the memories of those who perished and extending support to their grieving families during this difficult time.

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