Abbie Eaton is The Grand Tour’s racing driver

After 9 months of searching high and low for a ‘tame racing driver’ to replace the unpopular ‘American’ on Amazon’s The Grand Tour, the team have found a winner in Abbie Eaton. The former trio of BBC’s Top Gear, Clarkson, Hammond and May have broken convention by introducing a female to take the role of the show’s racing driver.

The news was announces on The Grand Tour’s twitter page with a caption “Ladies and gentlemen, our new driver”. Just stopping short of mentioning her name, The Grand Tour hopes that 25-year-old Eaton provides a breathe of fresh air to a segment that hasn’t been particularly entertaining in the first season. Mike Skinner, a former Nascar racer played the role of the American.

His character had an abrasive nature, seeming irritated and obnoxious about having to drive non-american cars around the show’s test track. Meant to portray the character traits of true rednecks, Skinner wasn’t particularly liked by fans and viewers alike. Even his professional racing credentials weren’t enough to convince viewers to overlook his less than funny rants.

Eaton, who has taken part in numerous professional racing competitions, is a British born racing driver who has 28 wins and 38 podium finishes to her name. She was the 2010 Production Touring Class B champion and 2014 Mazda MX-5 supercup champion. A seasoned racer with several big title finishes, Eaton should be more entertaining to watch than The American.